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ok so here it is...let me kick it

oh wow.
so here 'tis.

me and the ally and jara went to hattiesburg friday nite

aw, everthing went super great... until...

theres ALWAYS an until..

we went to leave at 8OCLOCK!! and i looked in my bag for my phone... nowhere to be found, so i was like y'all..have you got my phone? no.. well we narrowed it down to that it was in amandas room.. so we went over to roberts up to her room and she had left for a movie (a date no less) and we could HEAR the phone ringing in the back ground... well the RA would not let us get my phone even though she keys... she was like i need written permission and a phone call... well genius.. if i could get a written note i wouldnt be here! so we called her and shw was in the movie...well we didnt think to ask what movie she was in so we drove around forever to find her and how we found her was by the grace of God b/c we found this shady theatre behind all this other stuff.. it was called


thats it


and it had pink lights on the front, it was very scary. it made me think i was in a horror flick. but we found her and got on the road at 11... so that was my friday nite. and im gonna go crash now.
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