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all this talk of love makes my butt itch.... lol...sorry i bet you were expecting me to say that it makes my heart hurt or soul cry or some romantic crrrap like that...well you'll find none of that herre. :)

ally and is the deal Q ladies...neola you need to get the show on the road with mister man there and ally...we need to road trip in the sunshine state. y'all need to be like "bammity bam! bam bam bam! uh!uh!uh! drop it like its hot! drop it like its hot! smack it on down! smack it on down!" (all the while waving your hand from your left knee to your right knee in a fast motion) ok..sorry... i just took an ambien and you gets kinda crazy.... i love you and i wanna see you NOW! goodnite, BUTTHOLES!

hey, where it queenoffashion?
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